The Nexux Between Technology, the Law and Access to Justice by University of Nairobi Law Journal

Dear Readers,
Welcome to the captivating realm where law and technology intertwine in the
latest issue of the University of Nairobi Law Journal. In this dynamic compilation,
we explore the multifaceted interactions between legal principles and the everevolving world of technology, uncovering intriguing insights illuminating the
path forward in this digital age.
Within these virtual corridors, you will discover a collection of articles that
illuminate the dynamic interplay between the legal realm and the digital age. "The
Law and Technology; A Boon or Bane: Kenya's Case Study" takes us on a
whirlwind tour of Kenya's technological evolution, unravelling the complexities
that arise when law and technology become dance partners. "The Digitization of
Employment: A Case of the Gig Economy" invites us to explore the
metamorphosis of work in the digital era, where pixels and paychecks interlace in
fascinating ways.
In "Pathway to Digital Justice: An Analysis of Amicable Dispute Settlement," we
venture into the labyrinthine world of digital justice mechanisms, where codes
and courthouses coalesce to redefine access to justice. "Culpability in the Era of
Artificial Intelligence in Kenya" delves into the intricate dance of accountability
and AI, illuminating the legal pathways that navigate the blurred boundaries of
the digital intellect.
Lastly, "Promoting Breastfeeding as a Human Right in Kenya" serves as a
poignant reminder that amidst the technocratic crescendo, the timeless tenets of
human rights remain steadfast.
We invite you to immerse yourselves in these thought-provoking narratives, to
engage in discourse that echoes within the chambers of academia and resonates
with the ever-evolving legal landscape. As you navigate this fusion of
jurisprudence and innovation, may you find inspiration, challenge, and a renewed
appreciation for the harmonious discord that is law and technology. Happy

Published: 2024-05-15