Our Journal on Financing for Development annually invites authors to submit their manuscripts towards its twin themes of finance and development around which powerful narratives are being formed.

Our call for papers is usually circulated in September annually.

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts by 05 December. Authors of accepted abstracts then have to submit their manuscripts by 31 April.

The papers are first checked internally and then sent for peer review. 

Publication is usually in August. 


  • Outgoing Managing Editor


    Under the leadership and strategic management of Lyla Latif, the Committee on Fiscal Studies developed and launched this Journal modelled along "Designing the Future of Research" as its flagship project. Lyla Latif as the managing editor worked to support and publish 3 issues from 2018-2021 setting a strong record in disseminating high quality and sophisticated research. It was such a privilege and blessing to have her lead this journal and work so hard to establish it. Lyla Latif has now handed over the managing editor's position to Dr. Gedion Onyango. She continues to support the Journal as she takes on the role of the CFS Chair and other responsibilities.

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