Creations in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Journal (ISSN xxxx-xxxx) is an annual, peer-reviewed and open-access journal, which publishes research articles under the discipline of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. CiEEE publishes novel and significant ideas and theoretical aspects of science that advance new knowledge in Electrical Engineering art.

CiEEE Journal is currently accepting manuscripts for publication.

The submitted manuscripts are subjected to blind reviews from qualified consortium of thematic reviewers, and feedback sought within a month of the submission. The accepted papers are published immediate in the succeeding issue.

The following thematic areas will be considered for the inaugural journal in 2021:

  • Signal Detection and Processing
  • Signal Propagation and Transmission
  • Sensor Networks
  • System Optimization
  • Network Designs: Fiber, Cloud, Wired, Wireless
  • Power Systems and Energy
  • Devices and Protocols

CiEEE is a new journal expected to be indexed by major indexing bodies within the stipulated timelines.