Basic Journal Information

The African Women Studies Centre (AWSC) is a training, research, evidence-based policy, advocacy, and lobbying institution of the University of Nairobi. The Centre is committed to promoting African Women’s experiences and worldviews in scholarship, policy, and institutional development. We believe that if you want to know about African women, ask them. For far too long, African women’s voices have been inaudible and their work invisible.

Among the Centre’s publications are:

  • The Beginnings;
  • Rebuilding the Broken African Pot;
  • Gender and Policy Analysis Tools;
  • Making Women’s Perspectives Count in Policy Development and Implementation; and
  • Status Report on the Kenya National Food Security.

In the spirit of the multi-disciplinary nature of the AWSC, Pathways to African Feminism and Development promotes African women’s studies in all aspects of scholarship and development. The journal is published annually and focuses on all aspects of theories and practice and seeks to promote scholarship and development on African women both in the continent and in the diaspora in all spheres.

The journal intends to bring their views, perspectives, experiences, knowledge, worldview, history, innovation, etc into visibility and take their rightful place in academies and dialogues with policymakers.

Open Access Statement

Pathways to African Feminism and Development is an international open-access journal published under Creative Common License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

This means that the journal provides free access to the user or their institution without charge. The users are allowed free access to download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the articles or for any other lawful purposes without seeking user registration or prior permission from the publisher of the author.