Public Space Characteristics Underpinning Undesignated On- Street Parking in Residential Neighbourhoods of Nairobi City, Kenya

  • Micah Makworo Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Keywords: Nairobi, On-street parking, Public space, Residential neighbourhoods, Space syntax


Planned residential neighbourhoods in Nairobi are provided with designated on-street parking lots but motorists still prefer parking in undesignated areas. Could there be public space characteristics motivating this behaviour? Space syntax and structured observation were used in data collection. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze data on the status of undesignated on-street parking and revealed that the problem is most pronounced in middle-income neighbourhoods. Multiple regression analysis established various spatial characteristics, such as depth from the carrier space; adjacency and permeability; building setbacks; outdoor lighting fixtures; relative depth of axial space, and building storey height that significantly explains undesignated on-street parking. These characteristics should be considered in residential neighbourhood planning to counter the problem of undesignated on-street parking and promote public space environmental sustainability.