The Growth of the Construction Industry in Kenya (1977 – 2019)

  • Emmanuel Thyaka Mbusi Kirinyaga University
Keywords: Constructed facilities demand, Construction output, Exponential trend analysis


On account of the major role played by the construction industry all over the world, it has been noted that this fact has resulted in a number of researchers developing an interest in studying the industry. In this regard, the researchers herein undertook to study the industry here in Kenya. The focus was on whether Kenya’s construction industry is growing, stagnant, or decelerating. To achieve this key objective, data was collected from KNBS and analyzed using graphical and exponential trend analysis methods. It emerged that growth in the construction industry in Kenya from 1977 to 2019 has been decelerating. Therefore, this paper recommends a policy that encourages construction industry investment to enable the construction industry to meet the rising demand for constructed facilities.