Environmental Governance for Sustainable Computer E-Waste Disposal Management in Nairobi City County, Kenya

  • Margaret W. Maimba University of Nairobi
Keywords: CEDM, CEDMA, Computer E-waste Disposal Management System, Environmental governance tools, Human health and environment, Zero-e-waste


E-waste, whose components are hazardous and hence toxic, has become a risk to human health and the environment and is the fastest-growing urban solid waste stream in the world. This paper explores the environmental governance for sustainable computer e-waste disposal management (CEDM) in Nairobi City County. Increasing volumes, toxic components, the influx from the high-income countries and lack of specific policies, legislations and enforcement of existing regulations, especially, in the low-income countries have contributed to challenges in disposal management of e-waste such as waste from computer components and accessories. Primary data was obtained through the administration of questionnaires, interviews, and physical observation. Interviews were conducted with key informants in public institutions responsible for human health, environment, relevant policies, regulations, and enforcement. Environmental governance tools were found to be crucial for CEDM without reference to risks to human health and the environment. The study observed that the government was responsible for public awareness, formulation of policies, legislation and enforcement of compliance while businesses must segregate e-waste. 85.4% of respondents indicated that CEDM issues were not highlighted in their internal management quality assurance statements while 77.1% were optimistic about the possibility of including them in their service charter. The study concludes that the Nairobi City County has not adhered to the socio-economic and environmental aspects of CEDM as required of sustainability. The study recommends the establishment of a computer e-waste disposal management system that will provide for the formulation of a Zero e-waste policy. The proposed system would be coordinated by a County E-Waste Management Authority (CEDMA) whose mandate will be to implement the Zero E-waste Policy in the Nairobi City County.