Level of Participation in Urban Parks Within Nairobi City County, Kenya

  • Stella K. Mbiti Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Keywords: Aesthetics, Engagement, Participation levels, Physical activity, Size of spaces, Utilization


Urban Park spaces within Nairobi City County continue to suffer variation in use levels, with majority of users typically engaging in passive park-based activities, yet the determinants are not yet established empirically. The objective of this study was to investigate park spatial factors that influence user participation levels in urban parks within Nairobi City County in Kenya. A survey method was used targeting a total of 185 park spaces as sample size. Data was collected using observation and interview methods. Quantitative approach was used in data analysis using the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) software, version 21. Multiple regression analysis results revealed size of space and space aesthetics as critical factors influencing the level of participation in park-based activities. Therefore, to increase the level of user participation in park activities, this study recommends consideration of adequate sizes of park sub-spaces and improvement of aesthetics by park designers and planners in the park design and development process.