The Significance of Art in the Matwana Matatu Culture

  • Bradley D. Wamutoro University of Nairobi
  • Michael Munene University of Nairobi
  • Joyce A. Akach University of Nairobi
Keywords: Matwana matatu culture, Kenyan culture


EA description of Kenyan culture would be incomplete without the inclusion of the buses and mini-buses colloquially known as matatus that make up a large part of the country’s public transport system. This is because these vehicles comprise a fascinating facet of the country’s pop culture. Problem: Matwana matatu culture is one of its kind and it is our role as Kenyans to embrace, preserve and pass the culture to the future generations. Objective: The main objective of this study is to analyze the Matwana matatu culture’s sense of style, creativity, inspiration culture as a heritage of this country and East Africa at large. Design: In this study we used qualitative methods to analyze the incredible works of the digital graffiti artists. The source of data include; journals, blogs and websites. Setting: The study is being conducted in Nairobi, Kenya. Subject: The subject of this study is the artists and promoters of the Matwana matatu culture. Results: Studying Matwana matatu culture was quite interesting and inspiring. The study enabled us to appreciate the culture and the works of ambitious airbrush artists behind the impressive graffiti artworks. Conclusion: The Matwana matatu culture is part of us as Kenyans and East Africans. Indeed, we have incredible creativity within our sons and daughters for creating a movement that we can call our own.