Installation Art; Identity of Millennials in Kenya

  • Maryam T. Abdi University of Nairobi
  • Michael Munene University of Nairobi
Keywords: Identity, installation art, millennial


Due to the emergence of social media and constantly changing trends on who to be, what to wear, and how to look, millennials have experienced such an identity crisis in recent years that their own cultural identity has become obsolete and unimportant to Kenyan youth. Problem: This paper focuses on how Installation as contemporary art affects the identity of today’s generation, the millennials, by addressing cultural and traditional ways in which they are perceived and generally expected to behave in society and the world at large. Objective: Installation art is explored from the standpoint of containing a potentially essential message and, as a result, has the ability of expression to pervade the social, economic, and political spheres. By projecting a feeling of cultural identity and a style of behaving that fosters greater knowledge of issues such as unattainable beauty standards, the role of women in modern society, and stereotypes that currently surround the identity of a Kenyan millennial. Research Design: this paper uses multiple case study design with the nature of exploring the impact of installation art in the identity of millennials in Kenya. Data was primarily collected from secondary source such as websites and articles.