• Alina Rinkanya


The articles collected in this issue of the Journal are largely based on the presentations delivered at the Third International Annual Conference on the Role of Literature in a Global World, organized by the University of Nairobi's Department of Literature in November 2020. The special theme of the Conference was “Eastern African Literatures in the 21st Century:
Achievements, Challenges, and Perspectives”. In full accordance with the conference’s special theme, its program featured presentations by about thirty participants from Africa and Europe.
The fact that the Conference attracted participants from all over the world mirrored the importance of the issues raised by the gathering. The three days of the Conference were opened by keynote speakers, distinguished scholars and writers from Eastern Africa - Dominica Dipio from Makerere University, Mukoma wa Ngugi from Cornell University, Christopher Odhiambo from Moi University and Kithaka wa Mberia from the University of Nairobi.