Call for Papers for Inaugural Issue


The COVID-19 pandemic is having many life-altering consequences and circumstances. There are many potential cases of victims in all fields and the pandemic creates new ways of Operation and Thinking and Behavior change. Aspects of victimology and victim support practices, research and information sharing can contribute to the public good at this time of national and international crisis.

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About the Journal

Journal of Victimology and Victim Support in Africa (JOVICSA) is a peer-reviewed journal focuses on contemporary Victimology discourse resulting from criminal activities, historical injustices, environmental issues, victimization resulting from more victims of pandemics, rape and gender violence, societal injustices, education, victims, insecurity and terror attacks, leadership in various spaces, relation between citizens and police forces, religion and its victims, technology, mental health, suicide tendencies, elderly abuse, delayed criminal justice, forensic investigation, political violence, privacy and intrusions, public safety, terrorism and counterterrorism, migration and displacement and other areas of interest.