Analgesic activity of ethanolic leaf extract of Solanum anomalum

  • Dennis O Omido
Keywords: Solanum anomalum, analgesic, medicinal plant


Background: Solanum anomalum Thonn. ex Schumach. (family Solanaceae) is a shrub with edible fruit consumed locally for nutritional and medicinal purposes.

Objective: To evaluate the leaf extract of Solanum anomalum for analgesic properties in mice.

Method: The ethanol leaf extract of Solanum anomalum (70-210 mg/kg) was evaluated for analgesic activity against nociception in mice using acetic acid-induced writhing, formalin-induced hind paw licking and thermally-induced pain models.

Results: The leaf extract significantly inhibited nociception in all the models tested in a dose-dependent fashion.

Conclusion: The leaf extract possesses analgesic activity which confirms its use in traditional medicine in the treatment of pains.