The Perception and attitude of Sudanese dentists about COVID-19

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Keywords: Sudanese dentists, perception, practice, attitude, COVID-19.


The present study was conducted to give an insight into the level of perception, practice and attitude of Sudanese dentists in relation to infection control measures at the time of the 2020 outbreak of COVID-19 through an online survey. A sample of 315 participants was enrolled in the study. An online survey was conducted in August 2020, using the Google Form software. Data were analyzed using the statistical software for social science (SPSS). Mean scores of perceptions, practice attitude sections, were compared to some of the questions in general characteristics section using the Kruskal–Wallis and the Mann–Whitney U tests to derive a relationship. The most prevalent age group (49.4 %) was between the ages of 25-34. The female and male percentages were 70.2% and 29.8% respectively. A statistically significant difference was found when perception was compared based on years of practicing with the highest mean score (144.44) among those who were practicing more that 10 years (p=0.002). No significant difference was found in the mean score of perception among participants who received or did not received training in infection control (p=0.77). However, significant relationships were noted between the variables (dental professions, years of practicing and receiving lecture on infection control) and practice with p value of (0,0,0.001 respectively).  Sudanese dentists showed adequate perception and attitude towards COVID-19 infection controls and measures in dental clinics. However, there was limited understanding by dentists of the extra precautionary measures to protect patients from COVID-19.