The Entrepreneurial Spirit and Tran nationalization of the IGBO Entrepreneurship Model

  • Uzoamaka Godwin Peter vander Sijde
  • Bart Bossink


The Igbos  ethnic nationality from Nigeria  are a heuristic ethnic group who pride themselves globally as exceptional entrepreneurs, this is because the Igbo embrace entrepreneurship as a survival strategy for wealth accumulation while assuming the Igbo entrepreneurship model paradigm as a procedure of the embeddedness of entrepreneurial spirit . This paper is an  exploratory study geared towards provoking debates on the entrepreneurial spirit and the Nwa-boi apprenticeship system practiced by Ndi Igbo worldwide and how the Igbo  entrepreneurs maintain economic ties with their home countries and countries of residence, which enables these entrepreneurs to transform isolated geographic locations into transnational, translocal, or multilocal spaces where they can carry out their entrepreneurship using embeddedness essences derived from their ethnocultural patterns and entrepreneurial spirit.


Key Words: Entrepreneurship Model, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Ethnic Nationality