The Impact of Sauti Sol in The Globalization of Contemporary East African Culture

  • Akello A. Odundo University of Nairobi
  • Joyce A. Akach University of Nairobi
  • Collins S. Makunda University of Nairobi
Keywords: fashion, artiste, music


East African culture has been enjoyed in the region. However, on the international stage, it plays second fiddle to West and South African culture. This is true of food, music and fashion. Objectives: Sauti Sol have found ways to remain relevant in the East African cultural scene for over a decade. Using their fame, they are able to promote contemporary East African fashion to a global audience. The objective of this paper was to study their innovative practices and discover what makes them globally appealing. Subject: The study was based on the all male band, Sauti Sol. They are performing artistes based in Nairobi. Conclusion: The study concluded that Sauti Sol have contributed to the exportation of contemporary East African fashion. The group has done this by leveraging their fame. Aside from having a relevant narrative, they have engaged in innovative practices that have put them on the map. These include using varied languages that have a mass appeal, collaborating with global artistes, performing in venues around the world, leveraging social media platforms and making bold fashion statements.