Influences of 3D Animation on Kenyan Media and Advertising Led by an Analysis of Michael Muthiga’s Works

  • Samantha W. Gichina University of Nairobi
  • Samuel M. Maina University of Nairobi
  • Joan O. Mosomi University of Nairobi
Keywords: 3D animation, Michael Muthiga, animators


The African animation scene has been slowly but surely growing and booming in the recent years. The same growth has been observed in East Africa. Animation in Kenya begun gaining traction particularly after the migration of broadcasting technologies from analogue to digital. The switch to a digital era, growth of social media and the availability of graphic technologies in Kenya has seen Kenyan animators begin to thrive and gain footing in a somewhat underutilised industry. The use of animations has now moved from when it was only 2D animations on our screens to a point where 3D animations are nothing new to us. Objective: The objective of this paper is to elaborate how animators in Kenya are now utilising their skills in the advertising sector and in broadcasting. This paper focuses on the journey of Michael Muthiga, a Kenyan animator, from animating as a hobby, to animating advertisements for some of the largest brands in Kenya. It aims to show his achievements, processes and how he has influenced the direction of advertising in Kenya through three dimensional animations. Design: This paper uses qualitative data gained through desktop research techniques. Result: The research concluded that 3D animation has become an integral part of the advertising sector. It also revealed that Michael Muthiga’s use of 3D animation in advertising has led to a positive ripple effect as it influenced other Kenyan animators to understand that 3D animation is not reserved for making animated films alone. His achievements have also helped solidify the animation profession in Kenya, assisting it to be viewed as a viable career and business venture not just as a hobby.